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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall....

What if we all had a magic mirror that only told the truth? Would you want one? Maybe it depends on the circumstances?

Working with horses is like having a magic mirror; they are 100% honest, they don’t know how to lie. If we think we are good communicators and good leaders, horses will quickly reflect the truth. Being around horses gives us the opportunity to practice skills like being clear, being consistent, being intentional, etc. Horses don’t care about what we look like physically, so we don’t have to worry about the mirror’s judgement on our appearance.

Horses care about honesty, energy, integrity, consistency, clarity, and safety.

Do I want a magic mirror in my house? Not really, but I’m lucky that I get to work with one every day! I can learn about myself in small increments and then go home and process and see where the reflections show up in other areas of my life.

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