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Do you fall up the stairs?

In horsemanship (and in life?) we often go too fast and slip up.  In such a rush to get to the top, or reach the goal, we often try to take shortcuts (or two steps at a time) and it often doesn’t go well.  I have a terrible habit of trying to run up the stairs and I often stumble.

My horse Ben reminds me every day that there are no shortcuts.  He’s a nervous, insecure guy; when we trail ride, he does much better behind another horse.  BUT this is a crutch, it means that he has not yet accepted me as his leader, he doesn't fully trust that I will keep him safe.  

We are trying to improve this dynamic, one day, one trail ride at a time.  Trust and leadership have to be earned.   I’ve started trail riding with one of my daughters, and Ben and I are usually in the lead.  He’s nervous, but little by little he is looking to me for guidance.  We try to make every trail ride a success.  No pushing him past his boundaries or rushing through the woods. 

Ben reminds me every day to take the time it takes.  No need to rush or run up the stairs.  

It is such a good reminder to literally take one step at a time: no more bruised shins!  

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