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Private Sessions

Horse and People Project (tm)






Personal Responsibility

What you can expect to experience:

How relationship, communication, and personal responsibility show up when interacting with a horse

How your energy and body language help and hinder your communications 

How to be open to feedback

How to be a good leader (includes being a good listener!)

How to focus and set intentions and expectations

and much more!

 Session Options/Pricing:


1 hour private session at the farm with a horse - $150 (good for up to 2 per persons)

Coaching via zoom - $100 per hour

Package Deals (prepaid):

Package 1: $300 Includes a 1-hour private session with a horse plus two (2) hour long zoom sessions for follow-up coaching (a $50 saving when package booked).

Package 2: $525 Includes two (2) hour long private sessions with a horse plus three (3) hour long zoom sessions for follow up coaching (a $75 saving when package booked)


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