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Corporate/Large Groups

Horse and People Project (tm)

when it's time to get out of the office and into nature - 

The Horse and People Project is a great place for your next corporate or large group off-site

Nestled on the back 20 acres of a 500 acre farm in Davidsonville Maryland, the Horse and People Project (H&PP) provides a great setting for corporate off-sites and large group gatherings.  H&PP is a customizable program; whether your team needs a bonding experience, assistance with leadership training, or adding to basic communication skills, working with a horse can be very impactful.  

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Session Topics

Sessions can be structured for your specific corporate goals.  Topics include:

  • communication

  • leadership

  • boundary setting

  • being present/authentic

  • team building

  • energy work: focusing, recognizing and managing

  • assertiveness vs aggression

  • balance

  • minimizing stress

  • encouragement vs nagging


These are just examples of topics that can be demonstrated in real time with a horse; we can work with you to address specific issues your group may benefit from.  


To enhance the entire day’s experience and allow ample time for Q&A, we have partnered with local restaurants and a local vineyard to provide meals and/or wine tastings.


Options available include:

Boxed lunch at the barn (approx. $15-$20 per person)   

Lunch at a local restaurant (approx. $25-$30 per person)

Happy hour at a local restaurant (from $TBD)

Specialty meals at a local restaurant (i.e. wine dinner, bourbon dinner, $TBD)

Wine tasting at local vineyard (approx. $55 per person)


Contact us 

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