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Explosive Alliance "Ace"

23 year old OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) gelding

Ace is the OG.  I adopted him from MidAtlantic Horse Rescue in 2004.  He was not the horse that I went to see, but he was the one that called to my heart. 


Different breeds of horses have different attributes.  Thoroughbreds (racing horses) are typically more sensitive, or as some would say 'flighty'.  Their reaction time is quicker than some breeds, which makes them in some ways easier to train, and in some ways harder to train.

Maria Ace_Student YES.jpg

For energy work, thoroughbreds are amazing.  They respond quicker so individuals can immediately see non-verbal communication in action.

Earning the trust of a thoroughbred and working as partners is extremely rewarding!

Maria Ace_Student YES.jpg
ace and rob.JPG
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