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Monster Dinner "Finn"

14 year old OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) gelding

What a terrible name, Monster Dinner!  His mother was Dinner Withawinner and his father was Meadow Monster, so you can see where Finn got his registered name.  


Finn is one of the sweetest horses you could ever meet.  He’s playful, he loves to be groomed (he will leave his food and stand still for brushing) and he always wants to know what is going on.  He comes when he is called and is always up for attention and a scratch.  He also can be naughty…sometimes when he’s let out to free graze he decides to gallop off into the neighborhood!  Thankfully he gets scared and always comes running back.  More than once he has lost his free grazing privileges. 

Finn is also a bit of a nervous nelly.  He is easily excitable.  He’s a big horse (16.2) so when his energy is up, he feels 10 feet tall.  But he’s fun!  As a thoroughbred, he’s super sensitive and will move away from pressure very easily.  A little too easily sometimes; his flight instinct is strong.  He is not one to stop and consider, he REACTS.  If he were a person, he would be a ‘wear it on his sleeve’ kind of guy.  He is not very stoic.  If something is bothering him or he is scared, he will let you know. 

Horses, just like people, have their own personalities.  Finn is a great addition to the Horse and People program because he is so friendly, and he reacts easily, so participants get immediate feedback.  There is no mystery, no trying to decipher what he means; either you get it, or you don’t! 

Finn in training.jpg
hannah and finn.jpg
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