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What replenishes you?

We are so busy getting things done we often forget that we need to replenish ourselves. Just like food replenishes our bodies, we also need to replenish and rest our

minds. Good sleep is obvious, (Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker PhD, is an excellent book on this subject) but what else do you do that helps clear the mental junk that accumulates every day? I’m so lucky that I get to hang out with horses. Being in their presence helps me get out of my head. As prey animals they are instinctual beings; they are not plagued by a constant stream of thoughts and plans as humans are.

Like golf, yoga, running, hiking, gardening, biking and yes, meditation; all these activities help us to focus (or not focus) on things other than work. Otherwise, we all too often get caught up in ‘getting things done’. When I show up for my horses with a list of to-do activities in my head, I am often met with resistance. They do not like the energy I present when I have a bunch of expectations directed at them. For example, if I know I need to work with Finn in the round pen, I need to give him a few minutes of grooming, or grazing time to connect with him before we get to work. This sets us up for a better flow and calmer session.

Resting and replenishing my mind means clearing the habitual thoughts that come out as pressure and expectation. I can often come back and see issues with a clearer mind when I’ve had a break from my own thoughts.

What replenishes you? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at

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