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The Grass IS Greener

We all know the saying, 'the grass is greener on the other side'. Most teachers, therapists, coaches and gurus will try to convince us otherwise. In reality, the grass is just greenest where it's not trampled on. For horses, that means on the other side of the fence. In their pastures, the eat, play, walk around, and do their business, so the grass gets abused. Outside their pasture is another story. It makes sense that they want to graze outside - I have one horse (Luc, pictured above) that used to break out so often that I had to install two layers of electric tape powered by a solar charger, to keep him from pushing through and breaking fence boards. It's actually dangerous for horses to be on pristine, lush, green grass. Horses are not meant to live on golf courses, it's not natural. They can get sick if they are left on really green grass for too long. Anyway, who decided that lush grass was best? Can we find a way to accept, find peace, and enjoy our little bit of grass with all its weeds and imperfections? Can we accept that the trampling is just our life story?

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